A Review of the Bathmate (and How to Use it)

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The goal of this post is to convince readers that the Bathmate pump is indeed a safe and effective tool for increasing erection size if that is something that interests you.  I first mentioned the Bathmate in my post Is Penis Enlargement Possible? My year plus of experience tells me that yes, PE is definitely […]


I was excited to participate in #nonothingnovember. I had my goals laid out. I wrote them on a whiteboard in my room. I recited them every day after I got up and before I jumped into the shower, something I took from the fantastic book Think and Grow Rich.  In the first 3 days, I finished the […]

An Open Letter to the Media: Why The Viral Catcalling Video is Bullshit

Dear Viral Catcalling Video People Who Have Their Panties In a Bunch, Hi. My name is Michael Knox. That’s a pseudonym. Nice to meet you and thank you for reading. I find the media’s framing of the viral catcalling video offensive, but probably for different reasons than you do. The video is a perfect example […]

Death and Womanizing

So the beginning of #nonothingnovember has been marked for me by the passing of a close relative of mine, an uncle. It’s funny the way you feel when, as you are gearing up for a discipline-filled month centered around yourself, the death of someone you knew well hits you like a ton of bricks and you […]

Five Red Pill Comedians All Men Should Check Out

Comedy is one of the best mediums for passing down red pill knowledge in the mainstream. One reason it is so effective is because you don’t have to use logic. Trying to say that the the glass ceiling debate is bullshit by citing studies comes across as whiny. Saying ‘I get a dollar more an hour because […]

What Girls Want

A girl I know recounted to me a dream she had last night: “I don’t understand it, Michael. In my dream  I married a porn star, Bruce Venture. But it was like totally an emotional thing, not sexual. I literally woke up feeling in love.” I explained to her: “so it signifies that you want […]

Guitar Game

I was walking through downtown Chicago on my way to a show last week, my guitar slung over my shoulder. A cute girl, we’ll call her a 7 with nice boobs, stops me: CuteGirl: “Is that a guitar you’re carrying?” Me: “Yes, yes it is.” CuteGirl: “Oh wow, that’s cool. It’s really big. Do you […]

#NoNothingNovember: My Goals

If you haven’t heard about #NoNothingNovember, check out KidStrangeLove’s post about it. The 3.5 vices I am giving up are below. 1) Stop spending frivolous money. In order words, make as much money as humanly this month possible via both my job and online. Record results. While money doesn’t buy happiness, it sure does buy freedom […]

Some Advice for the Nice Guys Out There: Why You Must Learn How to Sexually Dominate Your Woman

This is a cautionary tale for the nice guy, for the blue pill guy, for the guy who does not sexually dominate his woman. This is for the beta and the omega who think that they can skate by without knowing how to deftly navigate the sexual landscape of relationships. I was once this guy. But […]

5 Reasons I Wish I Had Started a Blog Earlier

I started this blog when I was 25. Before that, I authored two other blogs. One was a standard PC Peace Corps blog for my family and friends back home, and another was school related.  Young Man Red Pill is my first blog about stuff that I am truly very interested in: relationship dynamics, hooking […]