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Five Kick Ass Red Pill Movies that You Should Watch


Fall is upon us, at least in the northern parts of the world, and with it comes a bittersweet movement indoors. This means, among other things: increased movie watching. This is a list of 5 'red pill' movies that you should put on your watch list this fall and winter.  Invite a girl over for a bottle [...]

Is Penis Enlargement Possible?


For the past year, I've been trying some different methods of Penis Enlargement, known in the biz as 'PE.' This post documents more than a year of experience with PE and how I achieved the results I did. I have included pictures for proof of documentation.  This post is definitely NSFW. The post is broken [...]

What Should You Do if Your Wife or GF is Turning you Down for Sex?

What Should You Do if Your Wife or GF is Turning you Down for Sex? post image

I came across this post on reddit recently: It was so good for so long after we had the first talk. Once a week at best now. The number of windows that have to line up perfectly is increasing beyond any real hope. Kids. Dogs. Feelings. How her day went. What's on her mind. What [...]

Why do People Hate the Red Pill?

Why do People Hate the Red Pill? post image

I recently came across the deadbedrooms subreddit.  It's always interesting to read guys in their 40s accounts of how shitty their sex lives are.  As a male in my 20s, it gives me an example of what not to aspire to. But what's more interesting is the hate that the red pill philosophy gets in [...]

How Game makes the World a Better Place


Feminists and manboobs like to shit on game as a concept, but the truth is that even a rudimentary knowledge of game puts a man way ahead of the fellas who don’t understand it. You’re just learning game to sleep with girls, say the naysayers. Well, A) yes, and B) so the fuck what? Actually [...]

Young Man Red Pill Reader Stats and Ridiculous Longtail Keywords


I've never posted on the statistics of my readers yet, but I think it's time. As of right now, I average 200-400 hits per day on days when I don't post anything new.  When I get linked from vivalamanosphere, I see a noticeable spike in traffic (a la yesterday).  Here are my wordpress statistics   [...]

Whatever You Want

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A friend of mine, who doesn't have a knowledge of 'game' persay but who has banged tons of hot girls (he went to ASU) recently told me a bang story I thought was funny and worth sharing.  It's super-bro, but it's a nice example of giving the girl freedom of choice, which can result in [...]

8 Things I learned from Living with a Beta Roommate


This past October, I quit my job as a high school teacher and moved to a large city where I have been making more money working as a server than I did as a teacher in a much easier job.  Unfortunately, all of my friends already had apartments, so I was forced to get a [...]

Why do Young Men Like to Hook Up with Cougars?


This generation of young men in their 20’s enjoy hooking up with older women, “cougars” or “milfs.”  This is a relatively new phenomenon. The term “MILF” only just entered pop culture 14 years ago when the movie American Pie became a smash hit.  Today, I asked a 60 year old man if hooking up with older [...]